Callie Mastrianni

Hi! My name’s Callie Mastrianni. I’m an artist and craftsperson living and working in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and I recently received my BFA in Illustration and Ceramics from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in December, 2019. In the past I have been lucky to show work in the student galleries at MassArt, a kind of gross hallway in the North Building, and the lovely House of Venus! 

As a potter, illustrator, knitter, and craftsperson, my work both studies and celebrates comfort and the social nature of humanity. Throughout a variety of mediums, my work is functional, and is meant to be utilized in daily life and routine. My pots, sweaters, illustrations/comics, and objects strive to be playful, humorous, and whimsical, and through this work I hope to bring these themes into routines that are often thought of as mindless or distracting. Overall, my work encourages indulgence with our time, not only allowing, but celebrating occasional spontaneous frivolity.