Daisy St. Sauveur

Daisy St. Sauveur is a printmaker and painter. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts in 2019.  She plays with bright colors and recognizable symbols to make her work more accessible to those who are not typically interested in art. Her work is inspired by American pop culture, consumerism, and life in the 2000s. Her art is a reflection of what St. Sauveur wants her life to look like: unpredictable, intense, and memorable.


Daisy St. Sauveur works in screenprint and acrylic to decontextualize a traditional medium in our technology-based society. She utilizes bright colors, layering, and recognizable symbols based on American pop culture.

St. Sauveur’s logo is representative of things that come and go quickly; the “ST” symbol engulfed by the recognizable Beanie Babies™ logo is a reminder of fads that come and go with haste. A collection of hundreds of items tossed out with the introduction of the next trend in sight. However, the things that define Daisy’s generation- branding, nostalgia, technology, and partying—are, in fact, not fads but instead important concepts that continue to evolve in life today. St. Sauveur’s artwork poses the question: As we near a new decade of the 2020s, how do we continue to intertwine the old with the new?