Ella Tamagni

“Everyone knows what it is like to experience humor”, Rod A Martin. It is a universal language that everyone understands. In these times of darkness and uncertainty, humor is what can connect us in ways nothing else can. Punchline! is inspired by funny stories, memories, and moments that are personal to me. As someone with synesthesia, my brain interprets memories and thoughts into waves of pattern and color, as represented in Punchline! 

Artist Bio: Ella Tamagni is a fashion and textile designer based in Boston, MA. Being formally trained in both graphic design and fashion design, her work is for the bold woman who likes to stand out with graphic lines, bold prints, and bright colors. 

Ella grew up in Upton, Massachusetts with a mother as a quilter and a father as a musician. A lot of her inspiration comes from her upbringing, referencing traditional quilts with elegant textiles and color-blocking techniques. As a synesthete, she uses music as a form of self expression and lets her mind create color, line, and design inspired by music. 

Her work has been featured in MassArt’s Eclipse 2018 Fashion exhibit, Lucid 2019, and Awakening 2020. It has also been on exhibit at Boston’s Prudential center as well as the Boston Children’s Museum.